Library: Anglo-Saxon Yisrael

A new and original exposition of the book of Revelation: 

as well as the ...

  By William L. Roy
     1848 - 324 pages 

Anglo-Israel, the Jewish problem: and supplement. 

The ten lost tribes of ...

  By Thomas Rosling Howlett
The twelve tribes which are of the dispersion, the
''men of Israel" And The "men Of Judah," And 
To All Who Believe That The Promises Of God 
Are Never Broken, And That the predictions of the prophets concerning the  The Prophets
Destiny of His People Israel have been, or are being fulfilled

The Israelites found in the Anglo-Saxons: the ten tribes supposed to have ...

  By William Carpenter
1874 - 199 pages

The house of Israel: or, The Anglo-Saxon

  By Samuel Albert Brown

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Footsteps of Israel: from Eden to the City of God

  - By Samuel Greenwood
1922 - 346 pages

Forty-seven identifications of the Anglo- Saxons with the lost ten tribes of ...

By Edward Hine
1878 - 54 pages

The romance of history: Lost Israel found; or, Jeshurun's pilgrimage towards ...

By Charles Adiel Lewis Totten
1897 - 260 pages

The British Israelites: or, Evidences of our Hebrew origin

By Henry William J. Senior

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Anglo-Saxon Israel, or Israel-Britain: an explanation of the origin ...

By Adam Rutherford
Edition: 4 - 1939 - 825 pages
Anglo-Saxon Israel, or Israel-Britain: an explanation of the origin, function and destiny of the Norse-Anglo-Celto-Saxon race in the British empire, U.S.A., Holland, Scandinavia and Iceland

The missing links: or, The Anglo-Saxons, the ten tribes of Israel ...

By Morton W. Spencer
The Holliswood Press, 1901

Anglo-Israel: or, The Saxon race proved to be the lost tribes of Israel: In ...

By William Henry Pools
     1889 - 686 pages
      Anglo-Israel: or, The Saxon race ... - Google Books

The Banner of Israel, Volume 17

Anglo-Israel; or, The British nation the lost tribes of Israel ...

By William Henry Poole
     1879 - 82 pages

The Anglo-American alliance in prophecy: or, the promises to the ..., 

Volume 1

  By Martin Lyman Streator

A dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language: containing the accentuation - 

the ...

  By Joseph Bosworth
     1838 - 721 pages

The idea of Anglo-Saxon superiority in American thought, 1865-1915

By Thomas F. Gossett

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England, the remnant of Judah and the Israel of Ephraim: the two families ...

By Frederick Robert Augustus Glover
     Edition: 2 - 1881 - 182 pages

An Exposition of the Bible: a series of expositions covering all ..., Volume 2

By Marcus Dods, Robert Alexander Watson, Frederic William Farrar
      v. 2 - 1903

The destiny of Britain and America: with an appendix : 

who are the Japanese?

  By William Gordon Mackendrick
      Edition: 6 - 1922 - 269 pages

Our Descent from Israel Proved by Cumulative Evidence

By Hew B. Colquhoun
       2003 - 268 pages
  This volume is a representative fraction of the known evidence which has the cumulative effect of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples in the British Empire, the United States of American and elsewhere, are the literal ethnical descendants of the House of Israel and the earlier Hebrew migrants from Egypt and Canaan. The author hopes this book will contain sufficient evidence to interest and convince the reader unacquainted with the subject and that the British- Israelite will find it of service as a small reference work in dealing with inquirers or in confuting the objections of opponents.

Our Israelite origin: Lectures on ancient Israel, and the Israelite origin ...
      Edition: 3 - 1851 - 229 pages